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The Silver Antham was formed in early September 2012 at Johnson University when Jeremy Cox and Nate Hommel had nothing to do on a Friday night so they grabbed their guitars and sat outside and played music for hours. They shortly after decided to create a YouTube Channel and cover a Song by their leading influence band, The Scene Aesthetic. After receiving much positive feedback they decided to make The Silver Antham as an official band as a side project to their busy college lives. They enjoy covering songs by artist that influence them and extending their database of music. They also enjoy traveling around to areas such as Market Square, or Gatlinburg and playing on the street to entertain others, getting their name out, meeting people from all other the world, and maybe even making some spare change. They are always looking for performances and willing to travel so if you're interested contact them or their Manager Sarah Alyea.

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Band Members
Nate- Singer, guitarist, pianist and ukulele. Jeremy- Guitarist, pianist, ukulele, percussion, drums, cajon, singer
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The Silver Antham
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Indie / Indie/folk/pop

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Knoxville, TN