T.U.B. Records started in 2003.Band members: Malik.B,King Tuddi,Do.Dirt,D-N-A,Obvious Bane,Rokie Rokstarr,Mack Dubb,"Takia"(Tali Up Girl), Ra-Skola,&M.A.R.S. Co-op

Bio about artist on T.U.B. Records: M.A.R.S Co-op is a philly artist from the roots crew.Hes from eastside logan valley. He started rappin@age 7@block parties in logan&other parts of philly.. Older rappers in his hood wouldnt let him rock with them so him&a friend from camac st in logan valley eastside started there own group called "The Two Man Crew"& they drop there own mix tape@age 7. Years later when mars co-op turn 14 yrs of age,he link up with a producer name Kelo from his hood who had started working with Bell Biv Devo so he flew him&diceraw out to L.A to write songs for new artist that B.B.D was workin with. Things didnt go to well but when he came back from cali, the roots got there 1st deal with Geffen records&then he started workin with the roots..But he was already down with the roots since 90'. When the roots started there 3rd album illdelphihalflife, he made his self a hip-hop classic m.c from the 1st vers on clones.. He now has his own record lable called T.U.B RECORDS(Tali.up.boyz) his 1st single comes out in nov 11'(blackceaser)&album called "The powers in the tongue" He also team up with his old time pal Bloodsport frm westside logan. Him&blood used to have a group in the late 80's called D.S.P(Dark.side.posse) now they have a group called T.G.M(Team.gold.medal) with Yatzee Yates, Yak Diggler. Mars co-op is also in a movie comin out in called "Millionaire" about the black mafia from 68 to 73. M.A.R.S.Co-op & Malik.B from The Roots signed a rap artist frm Philadelphia P.A named D-N-A in nov of 2012 (see article).http://allhiphop.com/2012/11/08/lessons-from-a-legend-the-most-known-unknowns-m-a-r-s-co-op-malik-b-of-the-roots/ In Jan of 2013 M.A.R.S Co-op also signed singer/songwriter "Takia"(Tali Up Girl) Takia Woodson from Logan Valley/Philadelphia P.A to T.U.B. Records. Shes the 1st Lady Of T.U.B. Records. Stay tuned for more details.....

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: T.U.B. Records started in 2003.Band members: Malik.B,,Do.Dirt,D-N-A,Obvious Bane,Rokie Rokstarr,"Takia Voice"(1st Lady),Tissany. B(TaliUpGirl)&Mr. Fresh Boy
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Other / Hip-Hop/R&B/Soul/Music

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Philadelphia, PA
M.A.R.S. Co-op

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