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L.A.Git was born in Los Angeles, California. Life started in the projects and then living house to house, place to place. L.A.Git, born William Cromwell, was the middle of five children. He kept to himself watching and listening to the life around him. Life was tough but his imagination soon became the music in his mind and his writing his escape. He was drawn to the lyrics, the stories of Naz, Pac, and Biggie. He could relate to the pain and suffering they rapped about. He knew early on he wanted to change his destiny, the path of his life. He graduated high school and, after a run in with the law and a stint in the county jail, he realized it was time to get out of L.A. and get a fresh start. He moved to San Diego and put his musical dreams on hold. In 2007 his life took another turn as he welcomed his daughter into this world. Her birth jolted him back into writing music and in 2008 he finished his first song. In 2010, he met Yours Truly, a producer who became his wing man and best friend. In June 2012 he met U*F*O, another artist, who inspired him to take music to another level. The three have been working together ever since and just finished recording twelve songs and their first video. He hasn’t let his dream of telling his stories to the world fade, and looks forward to doing a song with Kendrick Lamar one day.

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