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Hailing from Los Angeles, CA. Alternative Rock, meets Acoustic, meets Electronic. Growing up artistically is such prestigious Denver Venues as the Walnut Room, Herman's Hideaway, and the Lions Lair (birth of the Lumineers). Magnusson, transplanted from Los Angeles early on was raised in Denver, CO by liberal parents. Selling the family surf board because it no longer made sense to keep soon became a regret. Soon after the death of his father came by rare disease, leaving Chris alone with mother and sister. Later Educated in Audio Engineering at the University of Colorado Magnusson soon found himself bumping elbow with such acts as the Fray and the Flobots amongst many other successful local artists. Honing his sound in many local pubs he soon found his niche in the Denver scene as a singer/songwriter. Shorty after plagued with serious health problem Magnusson soon found himself in the midst of a battle for his life. Shortly after the Lord came knocking changing his life forever. Feeling divinely inspired Magnusson moved in with his parents in Yakima, WA where he began attending church and auditioning in the local music scene. As Magnusson ventured out back to Denver and the shortly returning to Los Angeles with his new found faith, things went from bad to worse as he soon found that his intense musical drive had left him with out family or friends. Pulled up from the boot straps and many long nights crying out to God he found himself back on his feet with a new prospective and a new philosophy. "don't try to create the promises of God on your own, be faithful in the little and let Him establish you." Learning you simply cannot do life on your own strength!


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Chris Magnusson
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Los Angeles, CA

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