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"One may wonder what the words "opus" or "moon" have to do with wild horses. Each to themselves, really nothing....but with the synchronicity of events and surroundings at a very special moment, these two words would eventually merge together as "OPUS MOON" and would play a key role in conveying the inspiration behind our music, songs and stories about the beautiful WILD MUSTANG.

And so the story begins........

"A warm, late September afternoon was coming to an end...the entire day spent searching for and photographing wild horses. As evening approached and the cool air began to settle in, we put on warmer jackets and contemplated where we were going to sleep for the night.

We decided to park the truck along a grove of cedar trees where it would be partially hidden. The chosen spot opened up into a large sage park where the wild horses were known to frequent. It was our hopes that the following morning at daybreak we would be able to see some of them move into the area to graze. Just as it was getting dark, we pulled out our bedding and laid it out in back of the truck.

Now, under the warmth of our sleeping bags, we gazed up at the night sky and talked about wild horses and all the beautiful places we had hiked to that day..........

The eerie cry of coyotes breaks the silence of the moment....a pair of owls call back and forth to each other....the song of a late summer cricket....a soft breeze brushes through the sage and the cedars, carrying with it the sounds and smells of the night....and then....the real magic begins.

On the horizon, a full moon slowly emerges. Gnarly, old cedars strike a pose against the emittance of the moon's glow as the soft light blankets the land. With the stage now set, an engaging performance was soon to unfold.

"Shush!....Did you hear that!?" All of our senses were now tuned towards the sounds of wild horses....their hooves pounding the earth...a loud squeal...a whinny. They were getting closer and heading our way! Holding my breath, I began imagining the sight of wild horses running in the moonlight. Were we really about to witness such a spectacle of beauty?

Soon though, without an appearance, their sounds fade into the night and a peaceful quietness once again fills the air....but it is a quietness full of beautiful music....if one only listens. A quiet song of the moon and of the wind and of the cedars...an "Opus" of nature....the very same nocturnal compositions being heard by the wild horses. Even though not knowing where it was they had vanished, in some sort of transcendent way all felt connected to the moment....a feeling as if we were indeed a part of their world.....

Reluctantly drifting off to sleep and full of inspiration, thoughts about writing songs and stories of wild horses and the powerful emotions they evoke within were beginning to transpire....
an "Opus"....an "Anthology" all in connection with this wondrous moment with the wild mustangs.

It seemed no sooner had we fallen asleep, we had been awakened. Again...sounds of wild horses...and they were right here!! Slowly sitting up, we could barely make out their silhouettes moving across the opening in the soft moonlight. The rustling of sage....the snapping of twigs...a soft neigh. Snorts and squeals and winsome antics of young stallions chasing each other in circles around the others.

Oh, what a lasting impression....a beautiful dance...a "Moonlight Mustang Masquerade.".....


Early the following morning as the sun was just starting to rise, we could begin to see clearly some of the horses that were still remaining in the open sage park. A feisty and elusive young stallion by the name of "Mocha" and his young mare "Comet" were in the far distance.
These two young horses were to become the inspiration of our song...

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BILL LOOS: Slide and lead guitar CINDY LOOS: Song writer, vocals, BG vocals, rhythm & fingerpicking guitar. Produced by Ken Dravis www.aspenleafrecording.com
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Opus Moon
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Crawford, CO