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Bo Barringer (ex-MEandJOANCOLLINS) and Reuben Bettsak of Guillermo Sexo started writing/recording music in bedrooms and rehearsal spaces in late 2010, (They soon recruited Noell Dorsey (also of G. Sexo)for vox and keys) resulting in almost two albums worth of music-combining elements of(but very different from) both of their other bands. Future Carnivores is hypnotic, beat-driven music(two drummers!) with big vocal hooks, synth and lots of delayed guitars. Electronic, kraut, Brit Pop, and Noise elements bridge late 70's Bowie with the Deerhunters and Animal Collectives of today....

In 2015, FC became a power trio...


Former members:
Reuben Bettsak(gtrs)
Noell Dorsey(vox, keys)
TJ Miller(drums, percussion)

Full-length, self-titled debut album is out !

Second album due Spring 2013

Two songs can be heard at:

This is how others describe us....

This is Boston Phoenix's description of us live March 31, 2012:

"A glance at FC's onstage line-up – Bo Barringer of MEANDJOANCOLLINS-legacy and present-day GUILLERMO SEXO players Reuben Bettsak and Noell Dorsey reinforced by stereo drum kits and bass – might’ve left unfamiliar listeners expecting quite a bit of bombast. As in, more bombast than you’ll hear on F
C’s shimmering self-titled new record. I hate, hate writing words like “unclassifiable,” but maybe I can't weasel around it this time. Should I call FC glam-gaze? Uneasy listening? Indie rock reimagined by Lorne the demon lounge singer from Angel?

Regardless, it’s cool stuff. I’m not sure if it was around the time they executed a fresh number sporting wackachicka-wackachicka-wackachicka guitar slicing, or when both drummers simultaneously crushed a big gnarly fusion-ish breakdown, but the stage-enveloping combo cracked into a rarely-inhabited threshold between elegance and noise. Maybe that could be their genre - “Eleganoise.”


Review of our debut CD in March 2012 by Boston's Noise:

Future Carnivores
10 tracks
Listening to this album makes me feel like I’m floating care-free in tranquil amniotic waters. I can’t get enough—from the trance-inducing tribal rhythms to the warm melodic plunkings of the bass to the layers upon layers of textural guitars, tinkling like a porch full of wind-chimes. Then, of course, there’s the zen synth chanting long electronic oms. Now, if all this electro-bliss doesn’t getcha, the guy/girl vocal harmonies sure as hell will. The guy’s vocal style has a palpable Bowie influence from the nasally baritone crooning to the the airy falsetto. It’s just enough to cultivate the soulful art-rock vibes these guys are dishing out without becoming parody. Altogether, this band weaves a complex soundscape that’s uplifting, amorous, and brimming with joie-de-vivre.

Review of our CD in Clicky-Clicky Music blog March 27, 2012:

Future Carnivores accomplish here on their eponymous full-length debut an elegant feat: the Boston-based electropop act successfully surpasses homage, a mile marker that even if it can be reached often trips up bands mining the motherlode of the early MTV era. To be sure, the record sounds as if it were made in the '80s, not just from a production standpoint, and not just because of certain nods made via the songwriting, but because of Future Carnivores' ability to deftly synthesize deconstructed pop with the same sense of wonder and optimistic, well, futurism as the act's quirky and weird-haired antecedents. Through this terrific alchemy principle members Reuben Bettsak, Bo Barringer and Noell Dorsey (who work with two drummers live) conjure gold by presenting maximalist melodic concepts in diminutive, sleek packages. That winning combination makes Future Carnivores the first refreshing surprise of 2012.

The chirping guitars, vaguely British-sounding vocals, aboriginal rhythms and softened ambient space of the trance-tastic "This Won't Be Boring" perhaps exemplifies best the approach of the band, which de-emphasizes the guitar work central to Mr. Bettsak and Ms. Dorsey's better-known indie rock endeavor Guillermo Sexo in favor of atmosphere and groove. Mr. Barringer's relatively theatrical vocals (which at times recall those of Unrest's Mark Robinson) twinned with those of Ms. Dorsey elucidate yet more singular overtones in the music, which as often draws from New Order as it does Bow Wow Wow. Future Carnivores' pulsing "There Is So Much Love In My Heart," with its understated but precise rhythms, motorik bass line, repetitious vocal incantations, and droning e-bow guitars is another example of the band's beautiful marriage of New Wave and New Romantic aesthetics. "To Win You Over" is even more experimental, providing in 81 seconds a perfectly crafted pastiche of pathos and nostalgia, like one of the shadowbox arrangements generated by the sub-orbital AI in that Gibson novel. Despite the album's bracing experimentalism, the highlight of Future Carnivores is the rocker "What's Unbelievable?" While the song smacks of New Wave bombast, its traditional instrumentation makes it something of an anomaly within the set. Nevertheless, it's a delicious anomaly that listeners will return to again and again.


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Bo, Pepe, Swader - Vocals
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Future Carnivores
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Indie / Experimental / Boy/Girl vocals

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Cambridge, MA
Bo Barringer

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