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My name is Michael Steltzer, and I am a seventeen year old songwriter, musician and producer. I started making music in my home studio five years ago, and have been working to progress since then.

I just recently moved to Virginia, in pursuit of a new area, and a larger musical horizon to explore. I am very personally connected to music, and although I may not have reached my full musical potential, I believe because I have been working so long towards this goal, I may get at least somewhere with it, and I am excited to see wherever it takes me. I am truly on an adventure that is life, and I bring my creative interests wherever I go, so I might capture as many moments of life in it's purest as possible. I also have a very large interest in reaching out to people who may need at least some friendly encouragement, and I pride myself to have helped the number of people I have, and I hope to continue.

Truly music is one of the dearest things to me, and I have a lot of history with it, and I'm hoping a lot of future with it as well. Unlike some, it hasn't been a mere attribute to my life, but more of a focus and building block to being who I am. As I mature, so does my musical horizon and creative energies alike. I have not been in as many documented events as I may like, I have been rather limited to live music as I come from Maine - with the environment having virtually no interest in anything that isn't either culturally masculine or controversial enough to the pop movement, so I have been relatively unnoticed to the larger crowds, besides a slight internet recognition through Twitter. I hope to change this! I have been personally changing in many ways and I hope to be a very new and interesting thing for the masses to view, or even just for a small group of dedicated listeners. Either way, I hope to grow.

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Michael Steltzer - Vocals/Programming/Songwriting/Composition
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Michael Steltzer
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Lynchburg, VA

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