Boston-based group Contact, which fuses both alternative and electronic elements in fluid, seamless and unforgettable fashion, is the musical partnership and collaboration between two very different artists: vocalist/keyboardist/pianist Sarah Graziani and guitarist/vocalist/producer Matt Rhoades. They came together in serendipitous, "meant to be" fashion and will release their debut, Sleepwalk Into The Dark.
Ultimately, the album is Contact's attempt to find out who they are as a band. It is part of the process of musical self-discovery, and it's a journey on which fans are invited. Letting go, as well as embracing their love of different artists, is what makes Contact as an entity so unique and able to fearlessly walk a tightrope between genres without a net and without pledging allegiance to one singular sound or style.
At the end of the day, Contact's music is a journey and not a destination. It's about the process and about the pursuit of mastering songcraft. That's what makes Sleepwalk Into The Dark such a thrilling ride. Hop in and ride sidecar. You won't be disappointed.

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Sarah Graziani - Vocals, Matt Rhoades - Guitar
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Alternative / Electronic / New Wave

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Boston, MA
Mike Bachta | Working Group Artist Management