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Upright Music Group Incorporated is a small label that has already proven to be profitable. The company was founded by Tiana Jones and Jacqueline Hendon in Akron, Ohio on January 11, 2011. The business operates to promote Ohio based artists, with the common goal of bringing new life to Ohio.
Tianas’ first recording session was at the age of 8. Her mother was a model, singer, and entrepreneur. She frequently put together fashion shows, talent shows, and spoken word sessions from the theatres in Kent State University. Her father was from Detroit, MI and was also an avid singer. Jacquelines’ mother was a background singer for the group The Debarges and installed a love for music in her at a very early age. Jackie and Tiana separately began writing songs at the age of 13. They met at the age of 14 and quickly became best friends and singing partners. Jackie’s sister was a large influence on the development of the group name, Reflexions. She noticed the amount of similarities that Tiana and Jackie had, not only socially, but vocally. Tianas mother was another large influence on the group. She used her time making career connections for the group. She introduced the group to Donnie Lyle in 1997. They began recording for him almost immediately. They have continued to record and perform since. Jackie has had the pleasure of writing for Gladys Knight, Trick Daddy and American Idol finalists. She is also featured on Trick Daddy’s album Finally Famous.
Our mission is to provide positive music of all forms to the general public. We are providing a solution to the current problem in the music industry today, lack of music with substance. We appreciate the realness of music played from an actual instrument. We also appreciate the talents of electronic production. We were raised in Kent, Ohio in a very multicultural area. We like to brag that we have respect and love all cultures. Tiana was partially raised in Detroit, Michigan and took on many of the Motown attributes. Being raised in the 80’s and 90’s surrounded by musicians, singers, and entrepreneurs brought about the constant love for uplifting music and its creation that Jackie and Tiana share.
They were introduced to one another in high school and quickly formed the group Reflexions. The group had a similar sound to groups like Escape, SWV, and 702. The group began writing their own music at the age of 14 and became a consistent source of positive words and sounds for multiple compilations. Our mission is to give the world music with substance and provide our artists with a safe environment to express their God given abilities.

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Jackie Hendon
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R&B/Soul / hip-hop

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Akron, OH

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