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Markanthony Parker also known as Tooda Smooth Born in 1993 Sept. 3 is the pure definition of R&B, Hip-hop, Songwriter/Artist in music (New Talent!) Starting his career of at the age of 10 singing and writing his own music made growth in his skills. This young artist say where he has come from is a place no one has been mentally. After so long of growing rapidly in his skills he say that a great power from above allows him to be and do what he was created to do as long as he follows the motto : Dont get caught up :. This young artists had great intention to be one of the greats in sports and to complete school. Well unfortunately only one was ment to be (High School Graduate) leaving him no choice but to be lead another direction due to a car wreck that could have took his life forever. The artist said after that car wreck it woke him up to thoughts of what will his future depend on. That is when he sat to realize music was all he have left, now to this day he say he wakes up with songs from his dreams that has high potential to being hit songs!

Markanthony better known as Tooda Smooth also has a personal life that may contain reasons of how he became who he is today. THE GHETTO may already be enough said because to all that can relate knows how it is coming up from the poor. The young artist said those who can be rich in spirit shall be, those who are rich in greed shall weep. Meaning everyone may have a shot from the poor but may not get to keep it being wise in choices is the key! He said he has come from a life with no one to turn to but his mother she was mother and father. This is a lot of people coming up as a 90's baby (fatherless) but he say to those who are reading as a wise man once said known as 2 Pac you got to keep your head up things will get easier. That comes from a young man who now has the dream to be an artist who has went from days of no where to live stable the struggle of walking to and from school in rain, sleet, and snow but still made it through so he say only the strong will survive struggle creates kings and Queens!

With all being said in done right now Markanthony known as Tooda Smooth resigns in Gadsden Al, working as a Pressure washer making $11.90/hr. He is still working hard on music that comes to him and is planning a date to drop his first single! So everyone stay tuned in if you are interested in finding out the Talent that is lying within this Artist!

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Who Are You To Judge Me?!
Don't Get Caught Up!
Keep your head up!
Think Wisely!

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