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Christian non religious modern rock About the God who Loves, and is Good to all, and desires a relationship with each person in friendship. He is not angry with you. He only desires good for you, and desires that you live with Him forever. Not by what you can do for Him, but rather what the blood of Christ His Son has done for you, who has taken away all sin when you place your trust and faith in Him. He is not after your money, or your job, your talent, or your personality, but He's after your heart. He is not about an getting you into an organization or a Church which can only merely touch the surface of who you are anyway. He is after your heart. He loves you continually, and never changes. He is the name above all names and ruler and maker of the universe. One day every knee will bow and every tongue confess and say that He is Lord. He is the one who gives you breath and enables you to move and think and create. Our culture has create many incorrect stereo types regarding who He is, His love for you is there for the asking. Ask him yourself if He is there and is real. He will reveal Himself in some way to you. He is the reason I write and sing about Him. I always wanted someone to trust and love that would never leave me and who will last forever. I found Him in Jesus Christ the King of Kings forever...

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Noel Utter

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