Lynryd Skynyrd once sang about a truck drivin man who got by on coffee, booger sugar, and the floozies waiting for him at every stop. Scott Rocks is a different kind of truck drivn man.

Like the big rig operator Skynyrd sang of, Rocks makes his living on the highways. But hes also a gifted singer blessed with a menacing baritone and a steely tenor. And the south-Jersey based musician composes infectious, spaced-out songs inspired by the strange mix of bands youll hear spinning in Rocks cab at any given time: the Doors, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Slayer, Guided By Voices, and the Cars. Hes a kick-ass guitar player, too. A triple threat, to be sure.

Similar to GBVs Robert Pollard (a full-time schoolteacher until he became a full-time indie rock giant in his late 30s), Rocks has never let age or a vocation stand in the way of his bringing the rock. He might not be a freshly scrubbed whippersnapper (age is irrelevant, but lets just say he was fronting bands like the shoulda-coulda-woulda Love Sandwich when CDs still came in long boxes) yet hes far from over the hill.

And though he spends long days and nights driving, he devotes the rest of his waking hours to music, crafting mildly psychedelic masterpieces like Daywalker, 3 Aliens, and Pam-N-Jim in his home studio, then taking them to Delaware Valley stages backed by the lockstep rhythm section of drummer Bob Hissler and bassist Cory Phillips.

It might not be the kind of story and sound that will get you on the radio or TRL, but then those bastions of artifice-laden crap are hardly about THE MUSIC anymore, anyway. Scott Rocks is about THE MUSIC. And in these inspired D.I.Y. times, where avenues like file-sharing, free downloads, MySpace, You Tube, and gig swaps can make a somebody out of a bedroom genius, artists of substance who dont fit into the mainstreams narrow margins are finally getting heard. Artists like Scott Rocks.

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Waterford Works, NJ