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As a “humacana” duo, Bishop and GrayHarr use a subtle blend of art and craft, shedding a different light on reality that makes the truth a little easier to bear. There are no sermons and no judgments. Their songs are living, breathing creations that beg for communion. More than stories, their songs are pure and honest personal confessions that solicit the listener’s perspective.
“It’s that collaboration”, says GrayHarr, “that makes the listener a co-writer each time they hear the song and that’s the heart of what we call humacana.”
They aren’t trying to re-invent the wheel, but humacana isn’t exactly roots-based. Roots-inspired is more accurate. As Winston Churchill said, “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd (but) without innovation, it is a corpse.” So Bishop and GrayHarr necessarily build on where they come from and what they know but insist “we just do what we do, put it out there, use what comes back and let it grow from there.”
After more than fifty years combined professional/commercial experience, they feel they made a brave decision to head in a new direction with their music. Already, at least two of the original songs from their album “Being Human” have garnered the attention of industry professionals. The duo is focused on their newfound freedom to express their creativity and are excited to explore all opportunities conducive to that goal.
“At first we were apprehensive, wondering if changing directions at our age would be an obstacle”, says Bishop, “but what we learned quickly is that when you’re writing and performing from an honest, open place, music knows no bias.”
They first tested their new songs and style at five venues filled with total strangers in Nashville. The response gave them the confidence to record “Being Human” which features eleven original songs and two covers.
Bishop is featured on cello and GrayHarr on piano. Stereotypically, these instruments are associated with classical music, but the duo uses them in unexpected ways and adds other instruments as the songs dictate.
Since the release of “Being Human”, Bishop and Grayharr have performed in theaters and other concert settings as well as restaurants, coffeehouses, parties, festivals and even a class reunion.
Most recently, they were featured on Studio One with Dave Carter of WETS, part of the National Public Radio network. They are thrilled to announce that they will be performing all three days of the Nashville Songwriting Festival this year.
“We’re clear on the direction of our music and we feel we’ve found an audience”, says GrayHarr, “and now, we’re excited to continue sharing what we do and eager to continue stretching our creative muscle.”
Updates, scheduled live performances and other happenings can be found at reverbnation.com/bishopgrayharr or facebook.com/bishopandgrayharr.

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Dwight Bishop, Cyndee Gray Harr
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Bishop & GrayHarr
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Singer Songwriter / Humacana / Americana

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Blountville, TN

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