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Chris Sebby™ is a Savannah, GA. Based: Singer/ Songwriter/ Digital Recording Artist/ Producer, Guitarist. He has an ungenreble, new-school, yet classic and diverse sound.He Has remained ranked in the top 3 Local Rock Artists here on reverbnation locally for over 10 years. His compositional works are one of a kind, raw, and are as original, genuine, artisticly passionate, and creative as they come. He performs as a solo artist and with a number of different local musicians. Some of his works have taken years to finalize yet some on a whim of the moment.
He is the Founder/ C.E.O. of "Skurf Productions™", www.skurfproductions.com , his own independent Label in Savannah, GA. He is also on the artist roster for "EMR Records and Management", St. Louis, MO. He is on artist roster for "Holographic Universe Productions". An active roster member of "Playin Dirty Records/Recording." Savannah,GA., an active representative for "Relentless Promotions and Associates". He is founder/ curator for "Savannah Musicians" (facebook group). He has been featured on/at various sites/ venues, including www.showcaseyourmusic.com where he is currently ranked #77 (Global, All Genres) with over 16,000 page views! He is and has been involved in many projects, such as foley-artist/ soundtrack/ musical guest on"The Peanut Butter Radio Show", (podcast theatre performed in front of live studio audience) and "Ikarus Burns" (EDM/electronica/live fusion band/duo), & his own "The Chris Sebby Band" (3- piece), and consisting of different members, seperately, "Chris Sebby Trio". and simply "Chris Sebby" (solo). He generally prefers to play mostly all original songs though can perform many covers as well.
He is currently Lead Singer/Rhythm Guitarist for "The Band Drive" (5-7 piece) out of Jacksonville, FLA. His band members/ album musicians include/have included: Billy Perry (Guitar/ Vocals/ Producer), Bob Langan (Guitar), Jeff Williams (Bass), Bill Spinks (Bass),Cyrus Maleki (Bass), Max Christman (Drums), Ben Fontenot (Bass), Hunter Dasten (Composer/ Poet), Cal Pollard (Vocals/Percussion), Bob Muggridge (Drums), Bob Langan (Guitar), Jeff Williams (Bass). His recordings and performances are everything from analog solo acoustic to electronic drum and bass.

The songs on here a compilation from some of Chris Sebby's various works and albums.
The albums consist of the following........

1. "Demo" by Chris Sebby and Billy Perry
2. "Demo 2" by Chris Sebby and Billy Perry ft. Cal Pollard
3. "Consolidemo" by Chris Sebby (solo)
4. "Spitball" by Chris Sebby (solo)
5. "F.M." by Chris Sebby (solo)
6. "With Dried Wings and No Regrets" by Chris Sebby and Hunter Dasten (Ikarus Burns)
7. "Whats Left" by Chris Sebby and Billy Perry
8. "Tronica" by Chris Sebby (solo)

.....in the works.....
9. "Alternate Tunings" by Chris Sebby (solo)
10. "Breakfast After Midnight" by Chris Sebby (solo)

Chris Sebby is a very versatile artist/singer, playing a wide variety of instruments in many genres and live venues.
He is truly a rare, intriguing example of what a real rock musician should be.

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Chris Sebby (Solo Artist+)
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Chris Sebby™
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Rock / alternative / Indie

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Savannah, GA

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