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Variable is lost. Crash landed on this crazy blue marble of a planet he is glad to be able to breathe the air. Variable landed near Seattle Washington in a podunk town named Auburn. From Variable's view point, every being on this planet plays guitar, keyboards, some kind of horn, drums, some musical device or sings. Everywhere Variable goes he sees the people of this planet playing and singing music. Seemingly they do nothing else. While a group of them are playing, the rest are watching. They just pass their money back and forth. While playing they get paid. While watching they pay. Every once and a while they have to buy something to eat but otherwise it is a perfectly good financial model.

Variable loves it all so much. Just as this wet world circles the hot sun, Variable's head spins around taking in all the forms of music that he hears. He can't get enough. He is moved, pulled and influanced by all forms and styles of music.

So Variable thought.., "when on Alpha-Centari do like the Alpha’s do." Variable got one of the guitar box devices and learned how to pull on the wires to make sound. He liked the sounds he made. So he learned about many of this worlds musical instruments. And started writing songs like those he has heard. Songs of many styles that sometimes merge.

Variable being from a technology savvy world is very in tune with bits and bytes
and the dim sultriness of of the air at twilight.
He can push buttons that glow red and blue
and record himself playing many times but if only two.
He sounds like a whole band
but that has always been his plan.

Today, Variable is a bit less lost, because he knows this is his destiny: to write songs. Maybe someone will want to sing his songs. Maybe someone will want to make his songs their own and mash them into collections of bits that people of this planet will stream through their personal audio processors. Just Maybe. For now, Variable persists the music that flows through is his mind and out his finger tips.

Because Variable's alien appearance might scare the people of this planet, you won't see him out and about. He doesn't play shows as you understand them. He lurks in the back or finds a way to stay disguised. For short periods of time he can look almost human. Mostly he simply can't keep up with the constant flow of musical goo that needs constant attention, refinement, definition and recording to permanent media. This is where you will find Variable Lost.

(All kidding aside, Variable Lost is the song writting and recording endeavors of musician Brock Hamper. While he may do an occasional cover song, primarily the work you find here are his original compositions, and all parts performed solo by Brock)

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Variable Lost
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Auburn, WA