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Puke started as a side project of Nick Johnson from Cranial Impalement, Chris Wolverine (now known only as I, Misanthrope) from Myth and G.M.A, and Billy Lynn of Catastrofear (and ex-Coathanger Abortion), later adding bassist James Ponder. It quickly grew into more than a side project as they deliver the madness and show you how its done!

Starting March 2014, the band entered a period of inactivity, which nearly brought the band to an end. However, Nick Johnson and I, Misanthrope started jamming again in late 2015. These sessions were few and far between until September 2016. Though we have no plans to play live again soon, there are plans for more recordings and possible live streams from the studio. The style has changed from light-hearted but sick grinding death metal tunes to some very serious and dark reflections of this fucked up world. More to come.

Influences from viral load,cemetary rapist,satans revenge on mankind,anything from obscene extreme,Putrid Pile,Insidious decrepancy,abominable putridity,waco jesus,Anal Cunt,Anal Blast,lividity,cranial impalement,Raped By Pigs Wintersun,Cerebral Effusion,Cerebral Putridity,Immolation,Death,Immortal,Morbid Angel,New age deathmetal, Carcass, early 90s death metal, Dysentery,Kraanium,SpermSwamp,Rompeprop,visceral Disgorge,Sikfuk,Solidification,Defleshuary,Malignancy,Murder Squad and many more..Pure death metal, plain and simple.

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Nick Johnson, Billy Lynn, Chris Wölverine,James Ponder
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Metal / Death Metal / Grindcore

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Chattanooga, TN
PUKE/Nick Johnson

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