Corinthia Federick, professionally known as Phoenix, is a Chicago born and bred rap legend who has been dubbed the most dominating female in the world of underground rap music by industry peers and consumers alike. Phoenix first hit the music scene in 1996 as a member of the trendsetting rap group, PsychoDrama under the name “NewSense”. As a member of the group and as a solo artist combined, she has contributed to the sales of over 2 million records, in both the national and international underground music markets. This number does not include the countless recordin7g contributions she has made with other music industry professionals such as former Suave House recording artist, Eightball, in which she received a platinum plaque for her performance on his triple platinum, triple cd, “Lost”.

In July of 2000, she was recognized by Billboard Magazine as the “Queen of the Underground” when her self titled album debuted in the top 40. In addition, she has been nominated by the Chicago Music Awards as Artist of the Year for three consecutive years, and winning that same honor in 2000. In 2010, she was awarded the hip-hop Pioneer award at the Midwest Rappers Ball, and to this day referred to by industry peers as “Queen”.

Phoenix temporarily stepped away from the rap scene to return to school to pursue her education in youth service and advocacy so that she may one day in the near future open her own hip-hop career trade school for underserved, inner city teenagers. Now that she has received the certifications necessary to work with teens, she is ready to return to music in full force however, the underground rap scene is no longer her industry focus. Her eyes are on the big prize: the global mainstream market. With a plethora of talents that range from recording artist, performer, songwriter and publisher, dancer, singer, clothing model and live stage acting, she has all the necessary tools it takes to make an impact and emerge in this male dominant industry as the next premier female rap artist of this era.

She is now emerging back on the scene with a new brand, Peace Hardcore. “The Peace Hardcore brand is a global brand that celebrates hard core living without glorifying violence, crime and negativity. I’m still edgy, fierce and of course, hard core, but with a peaceful Spirit. I just want to live my life like the true hippie I am”, quotes Phoenix when asked why she named the brand Peace Hardcore.

Sexy, fiery, fun, and fearless, but yet, serious and seasoned, are some of the qualities in her character that are guaranteed to take her to the very top and keep her there as long as she chooses to stay in the game. The rap music industry has desperately needed a make-over for a long time. Well, the wait is over. Her time is now!

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