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A Brief, Self-Portrait.

I was 8 the first time I fell in love.
In the early summer of 1998 while I was watching the Billy Wilder’s film “Some Like it Hot”…. Marilyn was singing, Lemmon was playing the standing bass, the music was coming out from the small speakers of the TV, and I was listening astonished, stupefied, lobotomized in front of the screen by the sweetest music I ever heard.
I remember that i stayed awake that night, waiting for mom to come back home, and when she came back i could not help but tell her with a big smile on my face that i was going to be a musician, and that I would being able to write down great melodies and harmonies… That’s how it was meant to be.
Soon in that magic summer of discoveries my life got lost in the depths of the music, joining to the astronomy and literature.
Sinatra, Gershwin, Ella, Presley, Hubble and Verne became soon my best friends, I couldn’t help by founding my-self amazed by that truly passion that was burning inside my chest, then as now,
I used to retreat into my-self and compose music, and write lyrics, founding a deeply joy in the creation and a peaceful rest in the music’s well.

Over the years, I played in many bands started at the age of 12 as a drummer, and then since the need of playing my own music, I started to play bass guitar (inspired by Brian Wilson), piano, guitar, and many others instruments.

My music as always been influenced by many different artists and composers, such as Gershwin, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Stones and Springsteen as well as the lyrics, from the literature, and by the cosmology, metaphysics and history.

One year ago, I began studying Audio-Engineer so I could build my own studio, I started the recordings of two different sessions: The Session Band and the Acoustic Sessions of what will be...I hope, my first produced album: Hearts in Atlantis.

Sam Valentine

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