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Forming in 1997 through a mutual acquaintance between members, the Peoria,
Illinois based three piece, Nevyds Krest, are stepping out to make their claim in the most
competitive industry imaginable, music.
----Combining elements of various genres, Nevyds Krest brings to the table a new definition for modern metal groups. Having developed a truly unique sound with the
addition of cleverly written lyrical content, sweeping harmonies, and raw emotion,
Nevyds Krest have begun to move higher into a ranking that one would expect from a group of this nature.
----Nevyds Krest has a subtleness in their music that creates a larger- than-life presence,
but also lives up to the very energetic hard-core style of "throwing down" that moves
crowd into a frenzy. Having completed a one month self supported tour, Nevyds Krest
are currently recording demos for prospecting due to individual music industry request.
----Nevyds Krest have been , for the past few months , playing larger structured
venues to allow for more capacity and audience participation of the ever- growing
15-40 year aged fan base. Nevyds Krest is, Brian Kurland, guitars; Jayson Maurer,
drums, percussion, vocals; and Bryon Morrison, bass

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Nevyds Krest
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Peoria, IL