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Marshall Rhodes is headed up by Michael MARSHALL Lehman and Glenn RHODES Burke. Burke has a Texan soul and a Californian heart. Lehman is all California.

They blend their folk and country roots with their rock and jazz backgrounds to create a unique, sometimes swampy, sometimes roadhouse sound and songs that can be as sweet as they can be sturdy.

Like most musicians they've had Rock bands throughout the early years.They also both have solid backgrounds in traditional bluegrass and folk music as well. Lehman played guitar for a string band named, Homegrown back in the late seventies while Burke abandoned his electric gear, discovered, Kottke, Watson and Rice and played in coffeehouses and campfires (but that's another story). But they both went on to study music in college and today will often wander into jazz and longer jams in their live shows. Burke also spent five years singing with the LA a cappella band, The New Creations during the eighties. (Long before the TV show, The Sing Off)

It all began when a friend, John Coinman, covered a song of Glenn's, This Perfect World and got it placed in the Warner Bros. film release, The Postman. Feeling like he needed "a voice" to continue and expand his writing, Glenn decided to start a band. In the late nineties a trio of songwriters, Glenn Burke, Jesse Kincaid and Michael Lehman joined to form a string band named Borderline. The idea was to write and perform original songs with just three guys, acoustic instruments and their voices. The Bay area was a perfect place for this with all of the musicians and venues to perform in and work on their material. About five years and a few hundred gigs later Borderline had become Friday night headliners in local Marin clubs and had a full band in tow. They had recorded and self published an album, Borderline.

When the time came to record a second album the strain of recording and performing brought artistic differences to light and Jesse left to pursue a more independent voice. With the leaner band in place (Adam "Bagel" Berkowitz on drums/vocals, Michael Godwin on bass/vocals) they headed to Prairie Sun Studio in Petaluma and laid down the basics for about fifteen songs. Bagel Produced the album and Godwin offered endless advice which was occasionally heeded. Things were finished off at Boladé Studio in Mill Valley where a host of guest artist came in to lend their help. These included, Austin Delone, Jim Rathermal, Barry Sless, Cole Tate, Allyson Paige and David Phillips among others. The result was a thirteen song self titled album. With a little push it made it into the top 40 AMA radio charts for three weeks and stayed on the chart for three months. Meanwhile a collaboration with their cover artist and renown Illustrator, Craig Frazier, resulted in an animated version of Frazier's children's book, Stanley Goes For A Drive. It went on to win an award from Communication Arts journal and showed on every United Airlines flight for a month. This gave new meaning for the term "airtime".

Soon thereafter Burke relocated to Santa Barbara with his family. Three months later after accompanying him for a gig there, Lehman moved down as well. They both took up surfing. A year long search and several trial gigs later, they met up with their current rhythm section and musical compatriots, William (bass) and Allan (drums) Feidtkou. They have been playing out and recording with this unit for the past five years. William and Allan bring solid musicianship and a new dynamic to the sound. When he's not in Berkley School of Music, they are often joined by Jared Yee on saxophone. They also had a song placed in a surf film called, The Women And The Waves and had songs included in other local "best of" compilations.

They are currently working on a film score, (Director Jim Wilson, the Producer of Dances With Wolves, The Bodyguard & Wyatt Earp). Once in the studio for this, they hope to record their second, long overdue album. Meanwhile they continue to write and craft their songs with performances at local Santa Barbara venues.

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Glenn R. Burke, Michael Lehman, William & Allan Feitdkou
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Marshall Rhodes
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Carpinteria, CA

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