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Kevin Arrandondo aka Tunk, is a real salt of the earth kind of guy. At 24 years old, he possesses a sense self assurance beyond his years. It doesn’t take much to please him, you definitely won’t find him in the club. Give him some new beats, a couple of freshly rolled blunts, a few hours in the studio- and he couldn’t be more content. His dedication to his craft is paralleled only by his devotion to god and his family. To his small circle of friends, he’s a natural-born leader and a loyal man of his word. To his city, he’s one of the last true stalwarts of the traditional Southern rap style.

Since his debut project, 2010’s Talk of The Town, Tunk’s style has strongly stood out from that of his peers. His low baritone vocals and seemingly effortless, smooth delivery perfectly complement his classic, trunk-slapping beat selection. After his appearance on A.Dd+’s 2011 single, Jumper Cables, his following grew like wildfire. Later that year brought his EP No Defeat, produced by Breeze The Beat Machine. With it, Tunk cemented his status as one of the rawest talents in Dallas. The narrative of a young man’s trials and tribulations continued on his 2012 full length, Direct Deposit.

“With No Defeat, I feel like I had a lot on my heart then that I was trying to get out. It was lyrical, but with Direct Deposit, I wanted to show that I was still lyrical and I could be creative at the same time... I have no fears with my music.” says the Midlothian, Texas native.

As original and unique as his sound is, Tunk’s story is that of the everyman. His powerful testimony of trying to make ends meet in these harsh and uncertain times is undeniably authentic and relatable. His unending drive and determination not only contributes to the content of his music, but is sure to push him to furthest reaches of his vast potential as an artist.

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