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Singer, Song Writer, DJ, Producer, Sound Engineer, Actor, Entertainer, and CEO of Man Dime Entertainment….Majesty Eyvory is THAT DUDE when it comes to SoCAL Night Life…But everything that glitters ain’t gold, and Majesty Eyvory knows that better than most. Eric “His Majesty Eyvory” Semple was not always the quintessential personification of Royalty. Actually it’s quite to the contrary…Young Eric was disowned by his blood parents as an infant and left in the mountains of Siberia to die. Apparently young Eric had an Angel watching over him. He was found by a pack of wolves that raised him as one of there own….

At the age of 9, Eric was found by a group of hikers. They described Eric as a Wolf-like Boy. He spoke and walked as a wolf. Taking sympathy on the boy, the hikers rescued and re-introduced Eric to society. After being bounced around orphanages for many months, an affluent American family, that had heard of the young boys plight, adopted Eric and moved him out to the U.S. of A…..The land of the free and the home of the brave…Once in the U.S. Eric quickly picked up English and enjoyed a happy adolescence. Eric excelled in school and was regarded as a gifted student, athlete, and musician. After graduating High School, Eric moved out to California on a full ride scholarship to SDSU. Eric Double Majored in Music and Business Management. After graduating in the Spring of 2007 Eric was free to pursue whatever the hell he wanted to. But, there was only two things Eric was passionate about…..MUSIC & THE LADIES...

Majesty Eyvory was born… A lifestyle fueled by Sex, Drugs, and ElectroHop catepulted “The MacMajesty” straight to the top of Europes Psychedel-Rap and Electro Charts…In the Winter of 2010 Majesty Eyvory began his 5 month Neon Nights Tour across Europe…The Neon Nights Tour was a huge success and once word spread back to the U.S. the people of America spoke. They demanded that His Majesty return to his throne back home. Now back in the U.S.A. Majesty Eyvory has been working like a mad man under special orders from President Obama Himself to BRING THE GOOD TIMES BACK TO THE WORLD…Eyvory dropped his first EP “Beyond Neon” on April 20, 2013. His Full Length Freshman Album "M.E." is set for release this summer.

The Future is Coming whether you like it or not…and Majesty Eyvory is that bright light leading the way… To contact Eyvory about booking a party, concert, or event please leave a message here on Majesty Eyvory’s Official Website.

Can’t get enough Eyvory……..Get a Sneak a Peak of my new Hard-Hitting Drama…….. “MAKING IT” and “The Magic Boys” and while your at it check out the 1st Music video from Beyond Neon “Like An Angel” .. …..

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Eric Semple

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