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Jerome grew up in a large family in North Chicago, IL. His musical influences growing up were his mother, Beatrice and his father, Robert. Beatrice played the piano and sang in the church choir with the great Sam Cook. Robert was a blues guitarist, introducing Jerome to the blues at a very young age.

Other close influences were his uncle, Brutt Garrett and his cousin, Donnie Bates, both guitarists. Robert and Brutt both had the privilege of playing with blues greats like Muddy Waters and B.B. King. The Motown sound was a big influence, along with artists such as, Earth, Wind and Fire, Jimi Hendrix, Chicago, The Eagles, The Beatles and Seal.

Over the years, Jerome has played with many bands, the longest period was with the band, "Hot Ice", which toured many of the southern states for about five years. These experiences have helped make him the musician and songwriter he is today.

Jerome first started writing songs in 1978, but didn't start recording until 2007. His new CD, "The Man Behind the Mask",* contains nine tracks, in the styles of r&b, blues, and jazz. Jerome has a WAMI nomination for "Best Pop Artist" for 2009.

We hope you enjoy this culmination of his experience and talent.

"In my dreams,
I hear the music, I play the music.
I write the music,
I am just the messenger of my dreams,
I am about the music."
~Jerome G. Hunter~

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Jerome Garrett Hunter
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R&B/Soul / Blues / Jazz

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Kenosha, WI