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Once in a lifetime, something so magical happens that it changes the fabric of one’s existence. Sometimes, an event occurs that is so powerful that it causes you to question the origins of not only your own self-being, but life as a whole.

This is not one of those events…..

This is the story of Faber’s foray into Rhode Island’s music scene.

Faber is a musical band. Like most bands that produce music, this band consists of humans that create music with instruments. The story of how these particular humans decided to come together as a cohesive group of musicians is a tale filled with intrigue and suspense.

Wait a minute…there was no suspense at all. Every member responded via Craigslist, you know, that website where you can sell your grandmother’s spleen or find a hot date with a smoking llama.

Anyway…Faber’s early incarnation consisted of drummer/wordsmith Artie Tefft and converted bad-boy/story-teller/bassist Sean DeLong rising from the ashes of a failed reggae/folk/polka band. While these two were crushed beyond belief, they picked up their sad, tear-swollen faces to rise from the ashes of this failed project to forge onward to Faber’s current being.

And what a painful process it was.

Luckily for Faber, a guitarist answered the call to have the privilege to join Faber. This guitarist spent months working with Faber, playing music, lending vocal support. But then she quit because she had the urge to play death-rock techno music instead, so Faber enlisted the help of the next guitarist that walked through the door. That happened to be local cradle-robber/loudmouth Matt King, whom is still playing in the band today mainly due to the fact that he has incriminating photos of Sean with the aforementioned smoking llama.

Faber is to singers to what Spinal Tap is to drummers. One singer after the next would try out to be our next David Lee Roth, but all we would get is Sammy Haggar instead. Singers would show up, never to be heard from again. Singers would spend multiple practices with Faber only to realize that they in fact could not handle the responsibility of rocking as hard as the other three. Some had to move out of Rhode Island and could not commit to commuting from Chattanooga, TN on a daily basis.

After many months of searching, the call for front-man was accepted by one Dave Calkins, Faber’s newest and most visually-impaired member. Dave’s vocal style was a hit and his addition to the band has cemented Faber’s place in the local music scene.

Faber is available to do weddings, funeral collations, and kid’s parties (only with bounce castles). Occasionally, Faber does play more traditional rock and/or roll venues, where their display of alternative rock riffs and references to 80’s movies pleases their four loyal members of the Faber Army.

…and through the power of wishing, Faber will continue to live on in the hearts of many…

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Dave Calkins: vocals, guitar/Sean DeLong: bass, backing vocals/ Matt King: guitars, backing & lead vocals/Artie Tefft: drums, backing vocals
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West Greenwich, RI

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