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In a civilization where animosity, hatred and doubt dominates the streets, a
group of RENEGADES came together to take a stand on a stage.

Disenchanted with the leadership of a broken society; SICK and TIRED of
watching political leaders control the public's every move while growing fat
on the misery of others, this band of RADICALS knew they where destined for
something larger than themselves. The people needed a voice to overcome the
suppression & control of political greed.

Take in "REVEILLE FOR RADICALS" (R4R) as the sound of the People for the
People! A Reveille that started a REVOLUTION on a powerful modern edge
musical sound that will capture the attention of everyone within earshot.

R4R hears the cries from the souls of the people, feeds off your energy and
rises up to fight for all that you hope for with explosive obsession. R4R
stands for your Rights. R4R stands for Freedom! R4R stands as your Voice!

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Band Members
JT Radical - Vocals, Julian Gonzalez - Bass, Javier Gutierrez - Drums
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Reveille for Radicals
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Alternative / Rock / Modern

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Southern California, CA