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Command6 was formed in 2008 in the city of São Paulo - southeast of Brazil. Their proposal is to create a unique sound that blends powerful riffs and intense melodies on a melodic line.

Wash (vocals), Bruno Luiz (guitar), Johnny Hass (bass) and Bugas (drums) work for Metal to go beyond the boundaries of the genre. The band's influences are Sepultura, Judas Priest, Slipknot, among others. Their songs open up a world of infinite possibilities to the scene.

"The young musicians have shown that the refined melodies of Metalcore (influenced by Trivium, Lamb Of God etc…) and notable weight of Thrash Metal (bands like Metallica, Testament and Exodus) can, indeed, go together," said Thiago Mauro, from the Roadie Crew Magazine.

The band's name came from the Portuguese word “Comando”, but due to changes in the logo and registration issues it became "Command". The number six (6) was added to the name to give emphasis and power to the word "Command", as it is a number related to perfection.

"Evolution?" was the first album of the band [ http://evolution.command6.com/ ]

"A fine debut, with an updated sound and highly recommended for those who enjoy Heavy Metal in its various subgenres" (Ben Ami Scopinho, from Whiplash!, about “Evolution?”)

For the musicians, the album was the "first breath" and a real surprise. The work was completed in just three months. The lyrics that make up the band's songs are the fruits from Wash´s mind, restless and angry by nature, which exhibit a visceral discomfort and will lead to changes based on philosophy and politics.

After the release of "Evolution?" the band toured throughout Brazil and they have been in around 50 concerts in the country, by that, the official Facebook page has over a thousand fans.

The band was a revelation in 2009 - the same year they participated in the Expomusic (the biggest music event in Latin America) – and highlighted the following year with one edition in the Brazilian magazine “Roadie Crew” - they were part of a collection of 77 magazines.

Another important participation took place in the program “Backstage”, in the Brazilian radio Kiss FM. They have been interviewed by Whiplash.net, a Brazilian site specialized in Rock and Metal.

Command6 shared the stage with the idol band “Angra” a couple of times, and they were praised by the band's main songwriter, Rafael Bittencourt. Also, they have participated in the Motorcycle Rock Cruise – the first Brazilian Rock ‘n Roll Cruise.

Currently the band celebrates four years on the road and released its second album "Black Flag". The album is available for free download on http://blackflag.command6.com

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Wash (vocals), Bruno Luiz (guitar), Johnny Hass (bass) and Bugas (drums)
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Sao Paulo, SP, BR

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