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Today, as a rookie in the game Medal enjoys the good street life. And because he can enjoy so much he is considered to have a high social status in the Freshmen class of the filthy rich. Because his hands is nice with that paper, and that is why he is filthy rich. He has a net worth that is like the ball player in the Hall of Fame. He is known around his city to wear lots of ice, and live the good street life in the streets. With all his street credibility he has been given boss status on his block where he trys to be more like the joneses by owning the flyest cars on the block, rocking fortunes on his wrist, 15 pounds of ice around his neck which happens to be chains that aren't fake, and none of them are fake, because he knows his rep is at stake. His cars don't have kicks on them that's aight, cause everything must be mad cream, so when he decides to ball on others he can show up at the hot spots usually the clubs in one of his cars that's lowered and piped and has 200 grand under the hood. While at the hot spots, and his ice is hanging and he's chilling he likes to show off his ice and flex in front of everyone by acting super duper fresh. Because he knows he doesn't look like 5 bucks while he is talking and smiling with a mouth full of ice at all the shawtees seen flossing there. Where he be with his team that doesn't suck, and no one thinks they suck, because Medal is his dudes champ. That's why he can wear big everything, rock nothing but the best, while flossing cream like KING.

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Medal - Vocals
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Woodbridge, VA