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Hugh Allen was born in Miami,Fl and raised in North Carolina from the age of 3, country music has always been a part of his life.
“I remember as a kid my mom and dad would crank up Doug Kershaw, Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings.” As a teenager Hugh was one of your typical “rebellious teens”. He had his first child, a daughter, at the age of 18. By this time he started to take interest in karaoke clubs. “Id go in and sing my heart out, and people loved me back then!”……in fact, his singing landed him his first wife.
In 1998 Hugh moved to Chattanooga,Tn where he had 2 more children. In 2001, Hugh decided to pursue a career in the trucking industry. “I loved it! I got to see many places and travel the country!” In 2010, Hugh sought interest again in playing and singing. He joined a church band where he took part in a big church concert out on a farm called Octoberfest. It was then he decided to write his first song “lonely travelin man”.
Although he never did anything with it, he realized he had a gift of singing and songwriting and started to pursue it more and more. Then finally, one night in Gatlinburg, his singing paid off. He met producer and manager Duncan James who offered him a contract to record and produce an album.They have since parted ways and Hugh pursued making his album on his own. As of today he is still working on his first album release, and has gained attention from many people in different parts of the nation.

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Hugh Allen
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