Stu Massey / Bio

Rock solid bassist seeking studio session work in St Louis, Mo. Fundamental with some chops but well rooted in the groove. I have played bass since 1976. I have a large stable of basses to meet most needs:

Fender; Precision (2), Jazz, Jazz fretless
Epiphone; Jack Casady Sig (Les Paul Special), Thunderbird, EB3
Rickenbacker 4001
Ibanez SR665
Lakland; 5501 five string
Dean; Rhapsody 8 string

Amps/cabs/signal processors:
Ampeg SVT Pro5 Amp
SWR Super Redhead combo
Ampeg SVP preamp
Ampeg SVT 6x10HLF
Ampeg SVT 4x10E
Hartke 2x10 XL
Line 6 bass pod

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Stu Massey
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Rock / Blues / Country

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High Ridge, MO