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Starting in early 2012 at a place located in central Jakarta Roxy area where we hang out . Deny ( bass ) told Sayyidina / Adin ( vocals ) of the band live in is experiencing a shortage of personnel and a bit of conflict ,
Deny and intend to create a project to make the band to Adin vocalist in his band .
and finally Adin want to set up a new band to give a different genre , namely easycore , and when it adin looking for a guitar player who knows when we get a guitarist who likes the genre that we made, namely Renu ( lead guitar ) , thank God he's one clever friend Adin plays guitar , and he was interested to join in this band .
Deny and was met with a school friend while on smp , he plays a fairly small drum since that is Erick Van Zella ( drums ) , and guitarist Deny looking for 1 more to complete his music , he finally met with Usup ( guitar ) , he was willing to and agreed to join our band .
over time turns the music we do not get along with the Easycore genre , and we also agree to reimburse us into Post-Hardcore/Screamo genre to date .
when a band we 've been running quite long with 5 personnel Sayyidina , Deny , Renu , Usup , and Erick we also plan to add a touch of the keyboard music of sound that usually we often hear in a Post - Hardcore band , incidentally at the time a friend of the college of Lutfi deny that he is the keyboardist , and he was our invite to join our band project and he agreed and would like to join our band , and we have our single entitled " Cry of the Heart " so for some time finally lutfi join us turns yusup not agree with our genre and we decided not to put in our band following yusup Lutfi , who resigned from the busyness of our band with the college grounds and others , and with careful thought we finally agreed to change us into the metalcore genre , , and this is the last genre that we live and upon the agreement of all the friends personnel . long after the formation of the four of us we finally found a musician again is Hendri , , and now we are complete with the formation of five members , namely :
Formation 2013 :
Sayyidina / Vocals
Renusa Mahameru / Vocals Guitar
Hendri Wijaya / Guitar
Denny Abdurahman / Bass
Erick Van Zella / Dums

we even named our band is SECRET GIFT FOR FAMILY , which means " secret gift for our family all bands that conclusion we would like to demonstrate achievement of the talent that we had told our family that we play a positive band and our band is not a band that sloppy and anarchic .
and we hope to make the band a solid & compact ... hopefully be successful in the future , amen .
" originated from everyday people who move into a serviceable and human achievement " yeah ... no friends who support our friends was not anything .
SECRET GIFT FOR FAMILY we are together till fucking die ...!

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Sayyidina, Renu, Hendri, Deny, Erick
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Secret Gift For Family
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Jakarta, ID
UBAY 08994684311

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