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The sonic entity known as Fractal Native that planted its roots in Renton, Washington early this decade is now just coming into bloom. Cultivated by the influence of a plethora of psychedelic icons and impelled by a insatiable thirst for transformational beauty, the group is a variegated product of trancendental lyrics and soulful groove. Fractal Native navigates inner and outer space, grasping at a remedy for political turmoil while balancing metaphysical and personal struggle, making reggae the perfect canvas on which to apply these lyrical brushstrokes. Native's reach extends out from home studios and industrial area rehearsal spaces to touch the minds of the people with wisdom, love, and peace.

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Matt Clough, Michael Escobar, Tylor Urch, Brandon Hunt
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Fractal Native
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Reggae / Psychedelia

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Renton, WA