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I am on the start of this road... so not a whole lot to tell... but... since you asked ...

I have been playing music off and on all my life, organ when I was 10, trumpet for 6 years up to and including High School. After that I did more vocally ... a choir here, a duet there. Then... when I was all grown up and didn't have people telling me what I can and cannot do ... I picked up a guitar in 2009, but didn't start really working with it until a little over two years later with my little $100 Fender. Then, when my friend Steve was ready to sell his beautiful 12 -string... I pouted until he sold ' Taki the 12-string" to me ... and started to work with that.

I was then advised... girl you need a 6 string, but you have outgrown the fender... so what does any musician do when they need an instrument? Save their little pennies and get one! Well. Mom helped... but now my primary guitar is a beautiful Larrivee, who I named... LeaLoo.

I have met many people in my journey, starting with the Cartersville Songwriters Exchange; David Patterson, Amy Beville, Randall Collins, Ron Caird, Jim Haigler, Michael Smith, Cindy Smith (no relation), and of course the most songwritingest of songwriters Shawn Michael Haney! And of course Randy, Billy, and Patricia Owens. From there I started to participate regularly at a little open mic at a bar called Toms Place, where John Warren, Shawn White, Randall Mullinax, Jeff Tuggle, and so many others, encouraged me. Slowly my confidence builded, my voice, thanks to my vocal coach Heather Petero got stronger. My song list grew.... and I started to venture into songwriting rounds, other open mics in Marietta, Kennesaw, and more.

I have been told I have progressed well in the short time I have been playing and even have a few originals written and composed. Finally, now in 2016 is the year I am recording my EP called ' let it SHINE ' and am even starting to venture into the world of 'paid musician' for the first time! I am so excited over these opportunities, and meeting new people. I am also the founder of Etowah Valley Music Project, dedicated to supporting our local NWGA musicians and the venues they play, by posting about their shows, and of Etowah ShareASong, a group of musicians dedicated to ensuring that our seniors and others in group care homes get to hear the kind of music you and I take for granted out here in the mainstream community. :) (please check those out at www.facebook.com/etowahshareasong and www.facebook.com/etowahvalleymusic )

So. All that said...

Get Ready.
Get Set.

and ...

let it SHINE!!!

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Patty Bell
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Singer Songwriter / Americana

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Cartersville, GA

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