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North Carolina Recording Artist and Producer, Travis Centell, began his torrid affair with music at a young age. Sneaking away to become more acquainted with his mother’s record collection and spying on his father’s choir rehearsal, TravisCentell quickly became enamored by the soulful sounds of Norman Connors, Donna Summer, and Mel Carter all the while being influenced by the pace and bass of the gospel music his father kept him privy to. Travis Centell would often tip–toe away to sneak time on his father’s keyboard and guitar but the day he laid eyes on the Roland 808 Drum Machine, it was love at first sight. Being a man of his time, influenced by the decades before him, a young Centell began to work the Roland 808 until his beats sounded as industry as possible. His eternal bond to writing and producing music was cemented after finding an old love letter and successfully putting it to music. With a goal to connect to the energies of the people around him and infect his listeners with the lyrical truth only a poet can provide,Travis Centell draws on the influences of the 80’s and 90’s in order to bring about a rebirth of hip hop. Renaissance Muzik is a return to that feel good music we could listen to on a Wednesday morning or a Saturday night. The music with beats that keep you nodding and a message that moves you. Renaissance Muzik is an intellectual, spiritual, and physical stimulant designed to align your heartbeat to that of the 808 and (re)ignite a fire in this generation that burned so brightly in the lasts.

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