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Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Tony Love is a seasoned veteran sideman session studio guitarist/bassist. He has played on many records by recording artist's like "Gwen Stefani", "Pink", "Akon", "T.I.", "Ciara", "T Pain", "India Arie" & "Lil Wayne", to name a very few.

"Love" is also a published composer/songwriter he has written many songs with the producer recording artist "Akon", and they had a Billboard Hot 100 #`1 hit record entitled "Don't Matter". For more info about the many records that Tony Love has performed on and to see a full bio please go to his website link copy and paste to your browser: http://tonylove.com

The single's, "King Of Pop (Michael Jackson), & "I Love Miami", by Tony Love are available digitally on ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many more digital download sites. The "King Of Pop (MJ-Techno remix)-", is also available now. The album tentatively titled "Love Peace & Happiness". It is finished but the project is still being mixed and mastered and pretty soon it will be available for purchase on ITunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and many other downloadable sites, This album has 16 songs that have been written, composed, produced, engineered, with all vocal's & instruments performed by "Tony Love".

A Message from Tony Love:
"When I was doing a lot of recording as a session guitar/bassist with a group of predominantly now legendary Southern hip hop legends Like "T.I"., "UGK", "Young Jeezy", 8 Ball & MJG, "Rick Ross", "Trick Daddy", "The Big Tymers" just to name the main ones. I had the most fun and it felt the most natural when I was working with producers like, "Pimp C" of "UGK", "Manny Fresh" of "Cash Money Records" and my great friend "Sanchez", who was one of the main producers on earlier records of "T.I.", these particular producers inspired me to play guitar like I play guitar they didn't hire me to sound like anyone else they liked my natural style & they called my guitar style "pimpin", lol, I'd never heard that used to describe my style of playing prior to that, but that's how they described it to me, "pimpin"! Oh well, anyway, what I'm trying to say is that when I was just being a session musician and playing guitar & bass equally on a lot of records almost, well over 100 records over 10 years of doing session work, I found that most of the time when I worked with other producers like "Mr Bangledesh" or "Akon", I had to allow myself to fit in with what they were hearing in they're heads, they wanted me to play a different way than I naturally played and I could do it well but it wasn't always all that comfortable, now I did it successfully, and I guess that I became good at being flexible & malleable for the various producers I was hired by, but I kind of lost my own style in the process because music changes peoples tastes in music has changed over the years and one has to adapt and I did that. Playing R&B and Funk & Rhythm wasn't what fit in hip hop and that's what I was doing through out the 90's & 2000's. I found that sometimes while being able to fit what someone wants & requires me to play, and I did that for so many years in a row, that it seemed like I kind of lost who I was, and what my natural & actual style was in the 1st place, and what my actual influences were prior to me doing all that studio session work for all of those years. I found that after being a studio session guitarist/bassist, for nearly 20 years that I almost lost myself and who I was as a musician. I'm not feeling most of the music that is out now, there isn't any musicianship in R&B anymore music is being created by non musicians they call them "Beat makers", they do cool beats but they don't know or understand the real science of musicianship, that's just were it's at now in the music business.

A week after returning from a year in Vegas & Los Angeles, I just started working on this latest solo album project, and it's a return to my roots. In my opinion it kind of sounds like who I was actually inspired by when I was learning to play guitar, bass, drums & keyboards in the 1st place. I was inspired by so many earlier greats like, "James Brown" and all of the old Motown artists that I grew up listening to while growing up in Detroit and so many more of my favorite artist's, like for instance, the late great "Marvin Gaye", "Sly & The Family Stone", "Kool N The Gang", "The Jackson Five", "Earth Wind & Fire", "Heatwave", "The Brothers Johnson" and that "Quincy Jones" kind of production that was so lush. So now that this project is finished and I'm mixing it now listening to this record I can tell that I was channeling all these many different & earlier influences on my musicianship and production style when I did this new project, because in my humble opinion that's what this project sounds like to me. I'm aware that this group of songs has a unique sort of time capsule sound that seems like it's from another era, and I wanted to speak on that to explain why it has this sound this style, now I didn't plan on it being this way and I didn't even plan on doing a record in the 1st place for some reason it just happened, but when it did the inspiration came and I went with it, I feel rejuvenated because I had the most fun of any project I've ever worked on because I finally got the chance to really just do me and play like I really play full out & sing like I sing and I know I'm not the greatest vocalist this is my voice some may like it others may not but all I can do and hope for is that someone gets, and that's all. When everything is mixed & mastered & completed, we'll keep you posted and be sure to let you know the eventual release date which will be when the world is ready for this kind of record.

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