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Well, after losing 2 friends to pill use, I started writing Alice and Wonderland Songs to express this modern tragedy, which has altered our community. By default, these songs turned into WonderlandRockOpera, a musical to address the troubles and tribulations of pill abuse. In the play, Alice is the victim who loses some of her intellect, spirit and soul as a side effect of the drugs and, or toxins. Romeo represents a friend or family member who loses his love. The dream occurs in Romeo’s head and is applied to remember his lost love and warn others of possible perils.

Up to this point I have run into a brick wall. Kickstarter rejected my application stating, "this project does not meet our guidelines". All local Theater Companies wont return any messages, so I made my own the "Hollywood Florida Theatrical Troupe" and paid for a Meetup.com group,  which was deemed inappropriate and deleted within 3 days without warning. Every door I get to, seems to shut really fast in front of me. It is as though a communist curtain has risen up with all the capitalist flag waving fanfare. To produce a piece of work with such a strong anti drug message and then find corporate resistance, is rather spell binding; the stuff Hairy Potter is made of. Since, more people died of pill abuse in Broward County Fl in 2012 than all other drugs and alcohol combined.

www.WonderlandRockOpera.com is a universal story, with a universal theme in our South Florida community and far beyond. People relate to the topic and know someone who as fallen from the same unaddressed pharmaceutical issue.

The work was written under personal distress, with real emotions and holds a positive expression. When Lewis Carroll used his creatures to trick and poison a young girl to lose her sense of reality preparing her for some inevitable sexual assault, I implement these iconic figures to warn Alice of the side effects of pill abuse. People are listening to the songs. Within 5 months the music has risen up the charts to 2nd in Miami, 400 in the entire USA nation and 600 Globally on Reverbnation in the Rock category.

So, I need 14 performers, artists, stage people, venues, even a director to collaborate with to be able to put on a show. An equal share of revenue is import, because everyone is required to make the performance. An example is, 14 actors are required to perform WonderlandRockOpera.com, in a 500 seat theater, at $20 a ticket. Total income is $10,000 for the night. Minus $1,000 for theater and expenses, all actors go home with $562.50 if one show sells out. A share of $562.50 is also payed to the Theatrical group and a $562.50 share for the plays writer. Although, Wonderland can be performed twice in one night, in 4 hours of theater rental space. This means that all 16 entities will earn a possible $1,187.50 if the show sells out twice in one night. Smaller stages less and larger venues more.

Until I get there, I am just doing these open mic nights, Art Walks, Ext. and looking for singers and musicians to perform with. Interested let me know.

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Billy Bang Bang Jones - Vocals, Andy Deduce Diceman - Bass
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Miami, FL

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