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Daniel Lee Fowler: Born Nov. 27, 1957 in Salina, Kansas, At Shilling A.F.Base. Folks: James Eugine Fowler, of Harrisville N.Y., and Nettie Earline [Musick] Fowler, of Abaline Texas. James, from a family of 5 boys and 1 sister, was raised in logging camps in N.Y. James was a Staff Sgt., from 10 years in the Air Force. When he met Nettie, while stationed in Witchitafalls Texas. Nettie, from a family of 5 boys and 7 sisters, was a singer at clubs, parks, and county fairs at an early age. Thus keeping up with the name [Musick]. Many of Netties brothers, sisters, and realitives [both present and past], were musically gifted. And Nettie is presently taking piano lessons, for about 6 years now, at age 77. And her piano teacher says she is coming along quite well. Nettie wants very much to be able to play at her church. Daniel says some of his fondest memories were at a N.Y. farm house, where they rented and lived with Jims' brother Rick, and his family. [Cals' farm house]. The house sat surrounded by corn, had orchard of fruit trees, a nearby pond, and an old barn with hay still scattered arround here and there [ just right for swinging from old ropes and landing in piles of hay]. The house was so big, it was partitioned into two halves. And each family had their own individual living-space. Daniel, and brother David, used to slide down the long banister of the staircase to the upstairs bedrooms. What a joy for two young brothers. One special day, at about age 5. Daniel was playing along with his favorite band, Herb Albert and the Tiajuana Brass. With his only instrument available, an Oscar Myer Wiener Whistle. And then his father said, "Hey listen, he's keeping perfect timing with the music". Then mom said, "Oh my God, he has the gift!" Then she ran upstairs, and returned with an old spanish guitar. She gave it to Daniel and said, "I thought I had the gift of music, but you are the one who needs this. Not me." So at the age of 5, Daniel began to play the guitar. In about 1967 at age 10, living in Austin Texas, Daniel felt like he should try to write, so he struggled for a whole year, trying to assemble finger-chords, rhythms and rhymes. But it was not quite time for that to happen yet. Two years later, after moving to Bouldercity Nevada, In 1970, Daniel began to play bass guitar at Neighborhood 4-Square Church in Henderson Nevada. Where he met Benny Hester, a popular artist of that time and area 1970-1980 Las Vegas Nv. Benny did radio comercials, [Hickoryfarms of Ohio, Dura-Kool, etc..., and even the radio station itself K.L.U.C.]. Benny began to encourage Daniel, saying try to write a song every day. So in 1970, Daniel began to get the hang of it. Two or three songs the first year, and three or four the next, that was the beginning. 1974-1982, Daniel was in the U.S. Marine Corps, and honorably discharged as a Corporal. While away he wrote a song now and then. But when the civilian life called again, that was when the seeds of songwriting began to grow. In about 1983, after a painful divorce, the greatest comfort was songs were written. Then from 1986-1995, another 30 songs. Usually from great pains and sorrows, songs are borne. Sad, but true. After several bands, concerts, and recording sessions, this project has come about. Record all 100 songs, and let others see how God has guided Daniel for 55 years, and is still doing so. An entire life, and God has been there every step of the way. Now married to Carla for 8 years, she accompanies Daniel to the studio. And together they are working on assembeling the music, and enjoying the music as well as the lessons God is teaching us all. She is his new inspiration. Auguest 30,2011, was their 7th wedding anniversery. They were married by Rev. Nettie Fowler, in their home.

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Dan Fowler (Artist & Composer). Brett Hansen (Engineer & Artist).
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Dan Fowler Music
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Christian Rock / Christian Rock / World Beat

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Las Vegas, NV
Dan Fowler

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