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An Austin favorite, Carrie Rodriguez is sure to delight fans everywhere with her latest effort, Love and Circumstance. Carrie has been writing and performing since a very young age. Love and Circumstance marks a new movement in her career. Carrie blows a kiss and gives a nod of gratitude to her family, incorporating songs written by her father, and previously performed by her great aunt, Eva Garza, a Latin artist in the 50’s. On this album, Rodriguez is an artist of interpretation. She takes songs already written, infuses her heart and passion into the work, and then spins them around, making them dance and skip to a new direction. Love and Circumstances is a handpicked collection of songs Rodriguez says gives her “the chance to go back to my roots” and “celebrate my family.” An example of this is “Punalada Trapera,” which finishes the album with a rich experience of heartache and fervor. The album is a constant, sweet flow of twangy steel guitar melody, sugared by Carrie’s soothing voice. Distinctly country-western, but distinctly Carrie Rodriguez: Love and Circumstance brings you into a part of the Southwest you’ve never been, but feel you’ve always known.

Publicity Contact: Monica Hopman @ Think Press

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Band Members
Hans Holzen (guitars), Kyle Kegerreis (bass), Eric Platz (drums), and sometimes Luke Jacobs (from Romantica, pedal steel)
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Carrie Rodriguez
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Pop / AAA / Americana

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Austin, TX
Songline / Tone Field Productions