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The first piece of biographical information you should know about us is we suck at writing "bios" (at least in the way where you are like, "Oh shit, this band is amazing and they have Instagrammable awesome lives I wish I had!"). Furthermore, we are having an identity crisis. We are not sure who is "in" and who is "out" as it pertains to our live line up. We float around in multiple cities [RALEIGH<ASHEVILLE<LOS ANGELES] living the way musicians live (and I am not going to tell you anything new here. It's real standard shit: emotional problems, drugs, no money, fragile egos, bitterness, shitty venues, bad beer, food stamps, artistic vision's differing and so forth and more so forth) trying to get people to listen to this record.

This record was made by real people, which sounds stupid to say out loud, but I think you know what I'm talking about somehow. Real people are becoming fewer and fewer, going the way of the buffalo, with personalities being shaped into massive clusters of "types" of "individuals". We don't know what the fuck to buy into anymore and what being cool actually is. There is no doubt (this not a rant) a tidal wave of something unforeseen is brewing in the world, moreover the U.S., so creating art in the midst of a horse shit hurricane is hard. When you toil and toil many people shrug their shoulders and say "meh" to even the greatest of masterpieces (Disclaimer: I am in no way saying this EP is a masterpiece, not even close, it makes me uncomfortable even writing a disclaimer that may make you think that I think that for a second and secretly I think this music work is a MP*. It is not, but it is solid). It is hard to get artworks to the public, let alone holding their attention. When people assess art they have a tendency to mutter all kinds of evaluation terms pre-stored and regurgitated and don't actually "see" or "hear" it with the right amount of time to digest it. Can you decide if a restaurant is great from one dish or one meal? How does a recording make it into your personal playlist and listening habits? What memories sit on your horizon waiting to be encapsulated and saved by sense memory triggers through the music you listen to now and tomorrow? Who has time for half assed art? You? I should hope not. I pray for myself as well that I don't fall lackadaisical (because I do) in the pursuit of gathering real and true expressive pieces from other artists through the thoroughfare of their particular art mediums like music, film, print, and visual.

On this record:

CHRIS WESSELS sang, played the keys and tracked the violin among a few other instruments and wrote a grip of the tunes. He is South African, sings in key and happens to be handsome (wink,wink music industry person reading this. He is also 25 and speaks 2 languages. success recipe? hello!! ). His brother PIETER WESSELS designed our cover. He is an incredible visual artist and an all around unique, one of a kind fellow.

BEN FIELD played the bass, guitar and wrote a grip of the tunes as well. He is probably the smartest guy I know. He's a fucking sick rapper (my girlfriend says she hates it when I use the term "sick" to say something is "dope"((I also say that a lot too, "so 90's", she says)). Ben and I grew up in Southern California and we have all kinds of stupid, constantly refreshed lingo out west so yes, "sick" is archaic but still, Ben is a fucking sick rapper and we have a couple other bands that play Mr. Bungle/Secret Chiefs 3 shit and another that is more structured rock & roll. He had a solid hand in putting this On Photon recording together, he is a great director when tracking and has incredible foresight coupled with some seriously gifted song writing skills. Look out for him in the rap world, the rock world, and the avant-garde, middle eastern-heavy metal world (yes, it exists).

I [JAMES DODGEN] played the drums, wrote one song and some lyrics on a few other tunes. I have produced/engineered some local band's records lately and mixed their recordings and am OK at it. This EP/web design project has been my personal best work as a producer. JOHNNY BELLFLOWER programmed our site and is really, really good! He owns a premier beer store in Raleigh called Tasty Beverage CO; best beer store on the east coast, or maybe anywhere, in regards to style and service.

Chris' bandmate from another band, JOE LEWIS, added some super dope guitar and breathed some beautiful life into this release. He brought a great Pink Floyd vibe to this project and killed his takes in one day like a champ!

A dude named JOE CURTIS is going to help fly the On Photon flag by joining up with us down the line. He has a great set of pipes as they say and is the lead singer of the bands mentioned above (with Ben and I) and is the nicest, most genuine guy I know, a real fucking homie, a dude you can trust, the kind of guy that would help you bury a body and not say anything. He is Native American and shreds some heavy fucking guitar.

All the artists capitalized above (and below) are prepping and cooking with much to come out of their kitchens. It is up to you (duh) to decide if you want what we, or any creator for that matter, are serving up for your art based nourishment. Does it have enough merit to gain your trust and loyalty causing you to lookout for our future new material? Will it persuade you to come see us when we play your local club? Live music is the true test of skills now more than ever.

We worked hard on this and had some incredibly talented people help sculpt this record in professional facilities: JASON RICHMOND at SOUND PURE (Durham, NC). He is a standout producer, engineer, and mixer. The studio is so very plush with absolutely amazing gear! He tracked/mixed this and made it sound better than any of us ever could have.

JIM WILSON mastered it in Colorado and really dialed it in. Super Pro.


*I know this is very DFW, shut up

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