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my name is Borrris aka (Osiris - is not the shoe brand its the name of an Egyptian got who controls the dead and the under world you can read more about it on the internet or hear it in my lyrics so don't mistake for the shoes brand i fucking hate their shoes they're ugly ass fuck no offense but yeah.)aka b-fizzle aka captinkush aka young Rockefeller aka Mr. coming up with new shit guy hhah!! I am 17 years young going on 18, i don't really know if i've find my final flo yet but i like to do different things and and all kinds of beat so you'll find that im very versitile when i rap, so when you hear certain song dont just assume that, thats all i write about because the way my flow works is i hear the beat and i rap it the way i see it! I grew up in the city of the lakes aka mpls Minneapolis MN. i got all my nigga down there, i currently resides in Fargo North Dakota doing schooling and other north Dakota shit ahah. well i enjoy making music with my homie Austin aka REAZ'N ive been free styling for bout 2 and the half years now and doing that process i begun to mature in rapping, so i decided to start writing and taking it too the next step and "NO" i i don't wanna be the next any body i like experimental and doing my own shit if you dont like it just keep it to yourself cause i dont give a fuck. if you care that bad about my shit then make you own shit so everyone can see i dont care about going big or nothing its just a passion of mine my love for music is explainable i listen to basically every genre of music believe it or not, thats where i get my inspiration not just from rap but from music as a whole. ill add more this as i progression in music take flight as for now thats all i got to say. Again i dont give a fuck what niggas think haha get off my dick

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