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Original music from the bands, FLUX and Suspicion Of Sky.

Both bands formed in New York and derived from members of the band Half Alive God which was comprised of musicians who met at Skidmore College in Upstate NY in the early 80's.

The music by Flux was recorded using 4 track analog cassette.
All tracks were individually captured with Sure sm57's & 58's. The tracks were bounced between the analog cassette recorder and a Sony DAT recorder to establish up to 18 tracks. The recording was produced in 1995 as a raw gig demo. The recording was engineered and produced by Paul Longe.

Flux (1992-1997) 4 Track Demo Recording 1995

Paul Longe - Guitars
Dave Frenger - Bass & Vocals
Henry Frenger Jr. - Drums
Laura Latoure - Backing Vocals

The music by Suspicion Of Sky was recorded using 8 track analog 1/2 inch tape. The drums were sub mixed to two tracks to add additional room for other instruments and vocal tracks. The project was produced and engineered by Mark Wilkin, Paul Longe and Steve Brisk for Blue Lunch Records in 1990.

Suspicion Of Sky (1989 - 1991) 8 Track Studio Recording 1990

Paul Longe - Guitars
Steve Brisk - Bass & Synth
Michael Sullivan - Drums
Shane Morgan - Vocals

Seeking Musicians Interested In Forming New Writing Project.
Reach me direct with knowledge of any new talent anywhere in the U.S. at: pauly@musician.org
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