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Out of the depths of solitude comes no other hotter dude. With a deal to make meals, I would kill for soul food. Take off your shoes and embrace the lakes of levitations. I don't know what you've been given, i'm a Laker who's been taken. I don't wanna be the greatest, I don't wanna be degraded, I just wanna be good to the good for goodness gracious. First place in places, but life always seems to take us. I still do it for the love, but with love comes haters. "Forget you" I can't even remember me. They take, take, take, I can't take it. It's killing me. Damn, Am I just a memory? From rocky mountain diamonds, climbing to top in proximities. Subliminally i'm indirect. I feel the heat with disrespect. Constant pollution in the music, where the hell is Tupac at? Where the hell is Mj at? Buried but we carry on. This shit is too deep we need Barry to carry us on.........Somebody tell me what i'm doing here. Birth on earth now we're moving to another year. 25 to life, can we really roll the dice? Is this craps or is it crap? Live it up, raise the price. Signing away your life, knowing christ could live for us. Two wrongs don't make a right. Why fight for giving up? Chosen not elected, molded into perfection, I'm loaded in your direction, I'm aiming without a weapon. Changing your whole perspective. Can we live without coffins? We wear our crosses for God knowing God never crossed us. I can't fall enough, picking up the pieces. I don't even know the reading but I see him, i'm believing. The reasons, I don't need em. I've learned what life is teaching. The sky is where i'm reaching, without eyes i'd keep on seeking. Finding my own ways till the days i'm gone. Work Hard, Live Life, Take Flight, We're Gone!!! -D-Raux

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D-Raux (Dunn Daily)
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Minneapolis, MN

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