United by the grace of God, Maynsurge was founded by three unsuspecting men, all of who were completely unaware of the talents the others would eventually bring to the table. When Chris and David decided to try out a jam session, both were thoroughly impressed, and arrangements were made for regular practice, but simply for enjoyment. However, Rick, without knowledge of such arrangements, contacte...d Chris the following day and a date was set for a more formal practice. When brought into the equation, David was immediately hooked and began work on lyrics for a recently-completed song Rick had written, and so the band Maynsurge was born. As the trio progressed, a young guitarist named Jodie was introduced to the band. Eager to make music and excited to experiment with her talents, Jodie took on the role of bassist, and the boys of the band warmly welcomed their new sister.

Bored with the redundancy of traditional practices after only a few short months, Maynsurge decided that their set, which had only been heard by a small number of people at the time, needed to be blasted loudly and proudly from stereos. After all, what's a message if nobody hear it? And so, with the passion for quality in their hearts, the band began utilizing the free program, Audacity, to create their self-mastered demo. As the band began wrestling their songs into submission, it became apparent that standard vocal recordings would only hinder the near-perfect sound they so desperately craved, so Rick, Chris, and David developed a "sound booth in a box," thus cleaning up the vocals and, in turn, truly unlocking the full potential of the sound of each recording. While that ends this portion of the tale, remember this, folks: This story is just beginning.

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Vocals: David V., Guitar: C. Hamby., Bass: Jodie P.
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Hampton, GA