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We are a group of four who love to rock out loud and dance to our sweet sweet tunes. We have a unique sound that makes bodies move and ears turn no matter where those ears may be. From the beginning to the end of our set we have fans asking for more and pleased when we bring it to them. We, The Analog People are interested in one thing and that's making the world move to our music. Our sound is just what listeners are looking for in upcoming music. Many of our tunes vary from song to song but not so much that we can't be defined as a genre more so that our crowd doesn't ever get bored because they always want to know what's to come next. We love making music and more importantly we love making music that people enjoy. Please give us a listen and let us know your thoughts. We have a full set of original music that has pleased all sorts of crowds from Scout Bar to Fitzgerald's The Analog People are here and ready to spread our sound to the masses. Thank you for your consideration. Keep It Analog!

__________________________________How Everything Came To Be__________________________________________
It all started with two guys looking to rock out in their spare time at the Red Room. Many weeks had passed by and the two musicians were really beginning to click, the only thing to do from there was to find some extra members and get a real project going. For a while new musicians came in to try out but nothing solid ever came of it, we needed someone who could really thump. As a child you’re told don’t talk to strangers but as a musician you say “I’ll talk to who ever I want” and that’s exactly what Austin and Brandon started to do. Asking random people on the street if they were musically inclined might not have been the easiest way to find a bass player but eventually it did work. Austin had found somebody and invited him to come out and jam with us. Later that week Austin, Brandon, and this new guy Mike all got together at the Red Room and began to blend their sounds. It didn’t take long for Austin and Brandon to realize that they had found the thump they were searching for so they became a band of three. The three amigos spent a few weeks working on new material and just getting to know each other’s style. There was only one more piece of the puzzle missing and that was a voice. Now anyone can sing but that doesn’t mean you should and the three band mates found that out rather quickly. Searching for that right sound was difficult but not impossible. Singers came into the Red Room and Singers walked out not many were ever asked to return. The search felt as if it would never come to an end. Mike remembered a singer who recently left a band so Mike decided to hunt this singer down. The vocalist was given some the bands tracks and asked to see what he could do with them. When the next jam session came to be there was Austin, Brandon, and Mike excited to hear what this guy could bring to the table and it turns out that he brought the table and chairs. Tyrone stepped up to the microphone and was asked to never step down. The band had found their fourth and was ready to bring their music to the masses. So to sum things up The Last Of The Analog People, a four-piece group consisting of Bass (Mike Herrera), Drums (Austin Gilley), Guitar (Brandon Lara), and Vocals (Tyrone Campbell) are here to turn heads and make bodies move. Enjoy and keep it analog!

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Brandon Lara- Guitar, Austin Gilley- Drums, Tyrone Campbell- Vox, Mike Herrera- Bass
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The Analog People
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Rock / Alternative / SKA

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Houston, TX

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