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B-RO YA HERO is an artist who lived half of his life in the south and half in the north. B-RO has lived in the city and country settings of both regions gaining a wide variety of musical inspirations. His flow is ever evolving and constantly changing to match his mood on the track. He is passionate about his emotions putting his whole heart on the track, regardless of vulnerability to labels. Basically, he doesn't care what you think, it's HIS musical expresion. Starting January 2013, B-RO has started a hip hop group with KRIMENL called DEM WHITE BOYZ. Krimenl and B-RO have practiced musical composition with each other for nearly a decade.There styles are complimentary of ech other but yet very different.
During B-RO's youth, he had a life filled with hardships and was very poor. Coming from such a dysfunctional family, B-RO has always strived to be better then his environment. Growing up in a single parent home, B-RO hasn't had very many personal role models in his life. Therefore, it was his goal to become a role model for those kids who were like him and even the kids who aren't, His goal in life is to become a successful philanthropist. B-RO YA HERO has a long road ahead of him in the world of music. EVERY FAN will be greatly admired!

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