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Born and raised in Bloomington, IN; home of the Hurrying Hoosiers. In this land, Bobby Knight and Indiana basketball was our reality TV.

I remember it like yesterday, the whole family sitting in the living room waiting for the game to come on. I remember our dad cursing Bobby Knight one minuteand loving him the next.Watching my dad, I would guess thats where the term Hoosier Hysteria came from. To make a long story short, playing for coach Bobby Knight most likely was every boys dream at one point or another out here.

Now with that being said, my dad was also into country music. He played every bar and club in our area for over 30 years. His band would hold their practices in our living room two or three nights a week.

George Jones, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings and lets not forget Hank Sr, are among the musicians I was raised on. I was burned out on these songs at an early age. I couldn't stand country music. I dont recall liking music of any genre until I was in my early twenties.

It was then that I discovered that my father was not the writer of this soulful music, but the legends I mentioned previously. I looked into these artists and their real life stories, I started to slowly but surely become a fan.
All this time my older brother was writing poems and songs. (good poems and songs). I remember him getting up to sing with my dad's band at a place called The Port Hole Inn. A man came up from the audience and offered him $20 to sing it again. He declined the offer and I remember crying, wanting to get up and sing for that $20.

That incident and the attention my brother got by writing songs was what provoked me into developing my musical talent. I asked my dad to teach me to play guitar. It wasn't long before I picked up on playing some old country classics. Memories from childhood flooded back.

I got up the nerve to sing in front of him. I could tell by the way he refused to make eye contact while I was singing, that I needed more practice. I was relentless and even more motivated to prove myself.

I began writing and learning top 40 cover songs and eventually started my own band. We played the clubs and bars in the Bloomington area for a few years. I also started my own business. I was stretching myself out thin, something had to give. The business needed the majority of my time. So I decided to solely concentrate on writing and recording demos hoping to send something to Nashville, and eventually get one of my songs on the radio.

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