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Poeina Suddarth's music was coined subdued, thrasher, bluegrass by long time friend and producer Smoke of OLDominion. Though Poeina has been inspired by and closely knit into the Northwest hip hop community, her solo music has been more often compared with Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse and Billie Holiday.

Poeina was a music teacher, studio musician, and a community volunteer organizer. During a tour where she was a vocalist and hype girl for Northwest hip hop group Dark Time Sunshine in April 2010, rapper Onry Ozzborn came up to her before the show and said, “now is the time, you are a star girl. You need to get yourself your own stage”. It was those words that inspired her to go home and begin to launch her career as a songwriter & bandleader.

Poeina’s solo music first hit the stage during her original musical production, “The Bedroom Show” in May of 2011. The show was based on the theme from her song "White Mountain Beauty" that says, “with the thunder brings the rain in the canyons echoing like the time I lost my faith and still survived”. The bedroom show was written, produced
and performed by Poeina Suddarth with the support from the Northwestern community, and 30+ cast and
crew members.

The whole of 2013 Poeina toured the Planes, Trains, & automobiles tour. Without a tour vehicle Poeina hitchhiked, rideshared, and took public transportation around the country. In each city Poeina met up with her Lucid Dreamers for a rehearsal before the show. The Lucid Dreamers are a pool of 30+ west coast musicians who are armed and ready to join the stage to back up Poeina. The Lucid Dreamers include, strings, horns, percussion, vocals, dancers and visual artists.

Poeina's next concert is November 8th at Dante's in Portland, OR for the K Records cd release party for the NW hip hop project All Your Friends Friends, produced by SMoke M2D6. Poeina is taking a break from full time touring to produce her second multimedia show called "The Sea & The Siren" in Los Angeles, CA. for more information go to www.poeinasuddarth.com

Poeina's music is currently receiving airplay on the following radio stations.
Radio Jade Jever, Germany
KVNA Flagstaff, AZ
KRXB Boise, ID
KWSS Glendale, AZ
WWIR Hollywood, FL
KSBX Los Angeles, CA
Moheak Radio Los Angeles, CA
NWCZ Tacoma, WA
KZME Gresham, OR
WAOFM99 India/Dubai
KSUU Cedar City, UT

also appeared on
Weser Radio Delmenhorst, Germany
oregon sports news
radio KSCR
red earth radio
wide radius radio
radio uproar
CNEU radio
WRPS internet radio
CMG radio
Error FM
WDGP radio

also appeared on:
Band - Album - song - year

DarkTimeSunshine - Vessel - No Eye Contact - 2010
Eastern Sunz - Corroded Utopia - Balance - 2010
Iame - Lame - Domestikated - 2011
Hired Hand - Hired Hand - Armageddon - 2011
Eastern Sunz - Filthy Hippy Music - Threads - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - Cleanup Crew - 2012
Iame - Lame​$​tream - April (No Thaw) - 2012
DarkTimeSunshine - ANX - I'll Be Damned - 2012

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Poeina Suddarth - vocals and guitar, Jake Saunder - cello, Thomas Deakin - horns, Schuyler Neilson - bass, Dave Marks - Percussion
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Indie / Rock / Pop

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Los Angeles, CA
Poeina Suddarth

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