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For Georgia musician Reid Stripling, getting back into the music business after a five year absence was a sweet homecoming of sorts. After being involved in songwriting and performing from the age of 14, he began drifting away from writing and performing while at college in Athens, Georgia of all places. According to Reid, a lack of focus and maturity led to his departure from a once promising career in the music industry.

After trying his hand at homebuilding for four years, the collapse of the home building industry left Reid with thin prospects going forward. After months of meaningful soul searching, Reid decided to perceive his circusmstances as an opportunity to get back to his lifelong dream of being a professional musician.

Today that dream has come true for Reid. While he admittedly has a long way to go before he reaches his goals, he is currently writing, recording, and performing music in the Southeast; and supporting himself in the process of growing his brand and his career.

Reid describes his own music as "soulful, heartfelt, and a little lonely." He writes songs and draws his inspiration from the mixings of blues, folk, southern music, soul, pop, rock n' roll, country, alt country, old R&B, and indie rock, in varying amounts and combinations. Reid is not shy about his love of performing cover songs either. His sets are always a mix of his original music and various covers from some of his favorite artists such as Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, The Allman Brothers Band, The Grateful Dead, The Band, Otis Redding, My Morning Jacket, and Muddy Waters. "There are so many amazing songs out there that I feel inspired to play. It seems terribly limiting to only play songs that I have written. Like any other musician, I am at my best when I am most passionate about what I am playing. For me, that requires varying my sets from night to night, and playing cover songs that I love dearly, or am facinated with at the moment. My main focus and deepest love is with my original music though"

If you ask Reid, his circuitous journey back to his original dream of being a musician has been his saving grace so to speak. He says he draws strength from the long and occasionally painful path he has taken to get to where he now stands. He'll tell you that he honestly doesn't see how it could have unfolded any differently than it has. He says he has a long way to go but is determined to get there. With a new EP set to be released on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012, and a full calendar of live performances scheduled, there is a growing buzz around Reid Stripling, his new album, and his new music project "Ghosts". It certainly seems that Reid may have what it takes to get to the bigger stages that he dreams of playing. Be sure to check back in with him in winter of 2012/13 to hear his forthcoming release.

A visit to his website reidstripling.com will get you up to date on Reid, his music, and when and where you can see him perform live.

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