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Nathan Juju is the band that lives in the books. A collaboration of many artists under the direction of songwriter/composer, Johnny Walker. The music is raw and simple and that's that. The artists involved with Nathan Juju are are also straight ahead, to the point musicians; they play music because they love it. Our goal is to capture the essence of simplicity.

There's no better world than music to be surrounded by. If you enjoy the tunes, then very cool. If your traveling and need something to read, send us a note and we'll send you an eBook about stage shows, adventure, some paranormal fun, and even a space bandit, or two.

Travel safe and stay clear of the crumb-snatchers my friends. It's a big beautiful world and it wouldn't be the same without you artists. BTW...can one of you start a reality show where a singer gets to go on the road with a band... lug coffins, stay in crappy hotels and eat at ptomaine taverns? I'd love to see how one of these 'Chosen Superstars' handles the real world of touring. When they learn what music is all about...THEN give them a record deal. Huh? Please? :)

No one deserves more credit than the road musicians and the crew that makes it all happen. That's the belly of the beast. You guys get my support before any nine year old with a guitar. Go man go!

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Nathan Juju
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Rock / Southwestern / mature

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New York, NY
CIC Publishing

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