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"I like to think of my life as a country song, I relate every experience to music"
No statement rings more true than the words of country artist Angie Patton. A native of London, KY, Angie is genuinely proud of where she comes from, “I’m a country girl to the core and very proud of my Kentucky roots.” Her collection of stories includes personal experiences and lessons from her own life or those close to her. Angie leaves no closed doors when it comes to embracing all avenues of music. The growing list of songs she has written range from traditional country with an occasional bluegrass twist, to folk and even some with a gospel touch. But that does not take away from where Angie’s passion lies and that’s in the heart of country music.

Angie’s passion for music is deep-rooted. Coming from a musically-inclined family, she grew up surrounded by singing and playing, whether at church or the family front porch music sessions. At 3-years old her uncle, then pastor of the church, handed her a microphone and let her sing her heart out for the first time. She realized singing didn’t only bring a genuine joy to her, but to the audiences as well. That’s where the dream began.

Angie’s first song was inspired by her dad, written for his 70th birthday. “It’s a very warm, heartfelt melody that tells the story of the love my dad has shown for me throughout my life and the appreciation that I have for his honesty and integrity.” After sharing the song with close family and friends, the inspiration grew and fueled the decision to take the journey after her dream.

Since writing her first song, Angie has seen many great opportunities come her way. Even with growing opportunities and concert dates, she continues to find time to craft more songs. She shows no sign of going lyrically bankrupt anytime soon. Angie’s desire as a singer/songwriter is to share her music with others and touch people’s lives. Her ability to sing and brand her stories into your heart is a gift not everyone is given.

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