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GrapefruitMailboxHead is the result of forcing one Romanian born lunatic to reside in the Horrific Texas Heat for the prime years of his life. The "brains" behind GrapefruitMailboxHead is Vladimir Clovenhoof, a Certified Lunatic with many dimensional personalities. Vladimir, an illegitimate member of royalty in Romania, during a typical drunken stupor allowed the fateful words, "Your head on a pike!" to escape his lips, escalating the demise of his status in his home country. Soon after that fateful morning, he found himself bound, gagged and stuffed into a crate full of Christmas Pig manure, sloshing along the waves of the ocean, via ship, of course, towards an unknown destination.

After venturing through many locales and experiencing a multitude of events no lowly human should ever endure, he found his way to the coordinates that had been tattooed on his body, in an area that would remind him of his destination for the rest of his life.

Vladimir found a package waiting for him buried 6 paces away from the Infamous Oak Tree of Texas in the United States of America. The package contained the instructions for the next decade of his life, along with a few essentials to aid him in his journey. The first item of significance was a simple note that declared "Make Music for the World, Asshole. When we hear of your success in Romania, we might allow you back home."

The first two songs Vladimir released as GrapefruitMailboxHead, "Mark the Great" and “Oppression by Proxy”, were Instant Classics for two people. There was much rejoicing, but this time, there was no mention of pikes or heads or heads on pikes. Vladimir had turned a corner and began devoting more effort towards his musical compositions.

In June of 2012, Vladimir released a 4 song EP that had been recorded, mixed and mastered at his very own Clovenhoof Studio of Doom. The title of the release, /b, exemplifies the content and subject matter of the EP. Just a bunch of random rambling from a 4chan Exiled Lunatic (another story). With subject matter just as random as his musical tastes, /b promises to provide absolutely nothing to the listeners and loyal followers, except maybe an occasional craving for Cinnamon Toast.

Vladimir has plans for a stop motion animation video for the EP's single, "Conversation at Dinner". Plans for this venture are constantly derailed by the Gods, but he has thus far endured all and is still going strong. Production is already under way as he works towards releasing the first GrapefruitMailboxHead full release by the end of the year. Vladimir might even unleash a bit more random stuff along the way.

If you happen to run along Vladimir's Creations on the chaotic horror that is the Intarnetz, please show your virtual support and help him as he tries to make his way back home. Listen, Like, Download and Share. Vladimir loves his 20 fans and hopes they, along with a handful of new fans (?), enjoy the time and effort put into each new, random creation of Doom. Please help his cause. :)

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